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Our Story

We've loved every minute of our journey

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20 years in the business we knew that things could be different and we knew we were the company to make these changes in our industry. We have seen the problems that plague every financial institution, Dealership or vehicle seller- loss of collateral and property, damage during return of collateral and the lack of customer service during the acquisition of that collateral.

Our First Repo

This first repo under our own business was special, you cant make it out in the picture but at the end of this repo the customer shook both of our hands and told us this is a big weight off my shoulders.

Why Us?

We know that your collateral is important, but just as important as your collateral is the reputation of your business. We strive to maintain your great reputation even when retrieving your collateral back. Bad things happen to good people, customers remember how they were treated even in these bad times.

We carry $3,000,000 aggregate insurance, a $1,000,000 Auto Liability policy and a $250,000 Garage keeper insurance. We know this will protect yours and our assets. Both owners are CARS Certified and are the ones that run all of your accounts.

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